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Alternative Ways:

Where to Buy XRP & XLM

These are the different methods we gather from our telegram group members based on their location and experience. You can also refer to to see all the exchanges offering XRP, XLM and ISO20022 digital assets.

1. Coinbase remains the best exchange to buy XLM for US residents and even in NY. There is a holding period of 4-5 days before it can be transferred to external wallet.

2. Uphold is the most popular exchange to buy XRP with a Credit/Debit Card to avoid the 65 days holding period, then

  • Transfer XRP to Bitrue then trade XLM/XRP pair or to

  • Kucoin sell for USDT and buy XLM

3. should work as well.

4. - Buy crypto with card

 Click here for the Step-by-step tutorial

5. - it is free to use and no need to create an account.

Click here for the Step-by-step tutorial

6. How to Buy XRP on Sologenix DEX with Debit/Credit Card?

7. Coinspot & Kucoin are popularly used by many in Australia.


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