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Interview with Mark Philips

Mark Phillips is without question one of the brightest minds in the crypto space. If you can get past 15-20 minutes of this interview, you will not be able to stop watching and without question it gives extreme credence to XRP, that it is the Quantum Financial System. But remember they (as in the people upstairs) will not serve any wine until it's time. It could happen in 6 months, or it could take another 16 months, and if they're not in a hurry, IT could take another 28 months. We are powerless in this equation and must hodl strong! That is, if you want to collect? My suggestion, (this is not financial advice) is to invest in coins like VECHAIN, XLM, XDC, XRP, IOTA and have an exit strategy for those coins. Live off of those for the time being, but leave your XRP alone until it reaches full maturity.

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