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Teaching Series Day Seven – Video 6b

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

  • Who and what George Washington actually was and whom he represented – full discussion.

  • Voting process in America is a total scam and has been manipulated and controlled to SELECT those who will hold public office, as dictated by the hidden true rulers.

  • Affidavit Process and Beyond.

  • Un-Constitutional judges and court officers discussed.

  • John F. Kennedy assassination discussed.

  • Domestic enemies unlawfully rule America and what the American people are Constitutionally-empowered and required to do to lawfully stop this treason.

  • Regarding lawsuits, filing Complaints with attached Affidavits supporting charges made in Complaint.

  • Further discussion of Constitutional Court Challenges, 1A, 1B and 2.

  • Corrupt courts discussed.

Questions to ask a jury during voir dire.

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Hey thanks so much; absolutely will share. Big thanks to Mel, his wife as well as Jack and Margy!


When you can, will you make Exhibit 22 available via dropbox as well?

Rev. Ken Shostad
Rev. Ken Shostad
13 feb. 2023
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Thank you, link works and downloading ALL 2.8GB of info...

GOD Bless you both and ALL Patriots worldwide...


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