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Teaching Series Day Six – Video #6a

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

  • Reiteration of State National versus American Citizen discussion.

  • Original organic Constitution of 1787 as amended in 1791, compared to fraudulent, treasonous corporate CONSTITUTION and the treasonous Congress that un-Constitutionally and unlawfully passed it.

  • The “Green Movement” scam discussed and steam engine example presented.

  • Affidavit of Formal Complaint for presentation to law enforcement presented and discussed.

  • Charges made to “government” regarding un-Constitutional actions committed by government officers and government’s responsibility to act upon these charges.

Statement that there is no legitimate, lawful Constitutional governance anywhere in America.

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If everyone is ignoring the affidavits, how do you move from there? I assume court is your only last option? They said they've had 99% success but then sounds like they're suggesting that we do something differently. I don't disagree with their suggestion, just seems odd that we're talking about doing something that hasn't been done before when it was earlier said they've removed state representatives. Have they actually done that and if so, how?


Equitis Singularis
Equitis Singularis
Dec 11, 2023


Please repost Mel, I am half way through! Willing to host on my site as a back up.

VIMEO needs an Affidavit too!


Great series! I am trucking along here but I don't see exhibit 21 in the downloads. Will it be posted soon? I see nothin over exhibit 19.

Replying to

Thank you!!!


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