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Teaching Series Day Nine – Video #9

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

  • Brief summation of the teaching course.

  • Another discussion of “State National” as opposed to “American Citizen” pursuant to the original organic Constitution and the vital importance of comprehending the difference.

  • Discussion of the odious “New World Order”.

  • Discussion of aerosol spraying and how the deadly ingredients appear in our air, water, soil, and food to contaminate, sicken and kill the people, domestic animals, wildlife and our beautiful green Earth.

  • Discussion of the enormous amount of lies and fairy stories fed to the American people by corporate communist “governments”.

  • Re-discussion of the gravitas of Khrushchev’s statements and how the manifestation of this truth has weakened and devastated America.

  • Corporate agencies of corporate “governments” have no authority under the original organic Constitution.

  • Brief discussion of Alex Jones.

  • Video of Pfizer president speaking before the World Economic Forum bragging about their ability to eliminate 50% of the world’s population by 2023.

  • Audio of Jeff Rense speaking of the huge numbers of people exempted from having to take the Covid jabs, including all branches, divisions and departments of the corporate U.S. GOVERNMENT that is demanding Americans take the risk of killing or permanently injuring themselves and their families by taking the jab.

  • The right to speak freely guaranteed in the First Amendment cannot be denied to the people, to the press and to broadcasters.

  • Intention of this teaching series to ignite a real GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT in America to lawfully rid our nation of all communist corporate “governments” and restore the rule of the supreme Law of the Land and not the un-Constitutional rule of man.

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