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Teaching Series Day Eight – Video #8

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

  • Un-Constitutional corporate “government” controls resulting in loss of rights and freedom for the American people.

  • Requirement for the American people to fully engage in using and applying the power and authority of the original organic Constitution to regain lost rights and restore Constitutionally-compliant government.

  • Discussion of existing un-Constitutional actions and problems in schools at all levels and how the American people can use the power and authority of the original organic Constitution to lawfully retake their schools and lawfully remove the traitors.

  • Discussion of the purported numbers of genders in schools, grooming of children and the push for transgenderism, and what the people need to do to stop this vile exploitation of America’s children.

  • Discussion of the Frankfurt School and how that communist ideology was transferred to Columbia University and to other American universities which resulted in widespread communist indoctrination throughout America’s entire system of academics.

  • Discussion of David Icke who was banned from 26 European countries for speaking truth.

  • Economic Violence and how the communist corporate U.S. “government” has diabolically inflicted that upon the American people.

  • In politics, nothing happens by accident.

  • There are no “heroes” who will swoop out of nowhere to save America. It is all up to the people and this responsibility has been entrusted to them by true Spirit.

  • America was to be the world’s beacon of freedom, but that noble role was subverted by communism and the traitors within American corporate “governments” and institutions who surreptitiously inserted it into every facet of American life.

  • Full discussion of the implications of the un-Constitutional, duplicitous Section 1 of the 14th Amendment and how that has egregiously affected American Citizens.

  • Additional discussion of the fraudulent 1871 corporate CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, and the treasonous Congresses, presidents and bureaucrats who have maintained it ever since.

Discussion of free speech guaranteed in the First Amendment.

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