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The Flare Network - What is it?

Folks, one of the best advice I can give you is the following: Do not try to understand everything at once,

I promise you it will come to you as this is not rocket science. Some things may appear to be over your

head in the beginning but do not let that get you discouraged. Besides, you don't need to understand

why the wheel is round, you just need to understand that it turns. So put some grease on it and make

some money. We are all in on Flare - Spark. We believe it will be the demise of Ethereum, as we

believe both Bitcoin and Ethereum for Nothing But Dinosaurs. Let's face it, it's old technology, it should

have gone extinct years ago. Just because they were the first two cars off the assembly line, that does

not make them the best cars because technology is constantly being improved upon. Remember that,

not the first car, not the first blender, not the first television set that is the best. I bet you get the picture.

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