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Thank you to Quantum Stellar Initiative for putting up guides and resources for all of us.

New Stellar User Resources

The information and documents below will help you learn the Stellar network and how to use the Lobstr app effectively!

NOTE: If this is your first time reviewing these documents, follow them in order.

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Which assets (tokens) does QSI believe to be the good ones? You always need to DYOR (Do Your Own Research), but here is a list of assets that we believe to be good investments. The following is not financial advice and for entertainment purposes only. QSI, and any members affiliated with QSI are not responsible for financial losses. Do not proceed if you do not agree to these terms.

What is an airdrop?  Is it free money?  Here is a guide to understanding the airdrops

that you’ll see in Lobstr and how to know whether you should accept them or not. 

How to deposit and withdraw XRP to and from your Lobstr wallet.

Telegram: Contact @QuantumStellarInitiative

Disclaimer: None of the creator/s have any credentials that warrants them to give any financial advice whatsoever, this is to include the following advice on any investment regarding cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, or any other form of investments. You hereby understand & agree that any investment advice should be immediately consulted with your OWN personal financial advisor before investing one single dollar. This document is intended for entertainment purposes only and should only be treated as such. We are just documenting our own personal financial journey and sharing our personal experience. You should take nothing you hear or see in these videos or document as financial advice, and understand that if you do, that you take full responsibility for your own actions, as there is a possibility that you can lose all your money. In the event you do invest money that turns out to be at a loss, you agree to hold the creator(s) of this document with zero liability based on your own actions.

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